451 Research: 6 Cs of IT in 2015

Yet another list of pithy predictions for 2015.
Summary article by Pam Baker in FierceBigData.
Emphasis in red added by me.
Brian Wood, VP Marketing

451 Research names ‘6 Cs’ of IT disruption for 2015

You remember 451 Research, yes? They’re a research and advisory firm that focuses on IT innovation and disruption. They keep their eye on the next wrecking ball to take a swing at IT, in other words.
For 2015, they’ve got an interesting list of havoc headed our way–the 6 Cs: Containers, convergence, cloud security, closets, crowd workers, and coexistence.
I particularly find their thoughts on coexistence interesting, because that’s definitely going down:
“Gone are the days when IT ruled data, metering it out to data scientists and analysts for reporting and analysis projects. The rise of self-service data preparation tools from a crop of startups is putting data management directly into the hands of analysts. As 2015 progresses, the number of DIY offerings for importing, cleansing, mapping, combining and transforming datasets will grow,” the press release reads.
“Analysts will adopt them–as will data-savvy marketers and sales personnel–building on their familiarity with the self-service discovery and visual-analysis tools, which first untethered them from dependence on the IT department for data. We believe that self-service data preparation and harmonization will complement and coexist with IT’s traditional data management tools, which will continue to address critical issues around data security, compliance and governance.”
Below is an infographic of the rest of the analysts’ predictions for your perusal.

Next-gen server closets? I can see the need for that, at least until we find a much better, reliable and faster means of big data transfers but gosh darn it most of the industry is or has been going through a datacenter consolidation. This is going to be a bit of mess and a challenge.
Cloud security? What? Finally! Please do lather on those layers thick. Enough with the expensive breaches already.
Hyper-convergence? Gak! We’re never going to get done with integrating are we? But, yeah, integrating compute, storage and networking could be helpful once we get past the upheaval of operations–again!
“The larger questions are whether expectations can be realized and what the move to new product categories means for the IT marketplace,” say the analysts. “What we know for certain is that in 2015, vendors will have to change their approach to product delivery and their partner ecosystems, and customers will have to adjust their operations to gain the benefits of convergence.”
VMs are out and Docker is in? Uh huh. Who doesn’t see that coming?
All told, it looks like there is plenty of work to be done in data centers and data management in 2015.