451 Research: AIS Is Market Share Leader in San Diego

Evidently size does indeed matter.
And in case you didn't know it, AIS is big.
In fact, 451 Research has recognized AIS as San Diego's market share leader with an impressive 52% share.
The 451 Research report -- North American Multi-Tenant Datacenter Supply Emerging Major Markets - 2012 -- was first released in September 2012.
Local ankle-biters would have you believe that they've got it going on -- but in fact they're green with envy because they're not even on the map (er, pie chart). See for yourself.
451 Research, the industry's most respected independent analysts of the data center market, uses the following criteria for determining market share:
"Operational square footage – Currently built-out datacenter space in a facility. This is the currently available sellable space that can support customer equipment. Operational datacenter square footage will be less than or equal to net square footage. Operational square footage is used in this report to size estimated datacenter footprints by market to enable determining market share and also for expansion pipelines."
Here is what 451 Research had to say about AIS:
"American Internet Services (AIS) is the market share leader in San Diego with five datacenters. The company was formed as a combination of multi-tenant datacenter companies. WebCC and ACC first merged with ADNC in 2011. The resultant company then merged with Internet Express in 2004 to form AIS, which acquired Complex Drive in 2008. In 2012, AIS completed an upgrade to the power and cooling infrastructure for its largest Lightwave datacenter in San Diego. The expansion increased the facility’s utility service from 3MW up to 12MW with 9MW available immediately. Privately held, AIS is backed by Seaport Capital, Viridian Investments and DuPont Capital Management."
The report had the following things to say about the San Diego datacenter market in general:
"San Diego has the 17th largest metropolitan area population-wise in North America and the city has seen steady demand for multi-tenant datacenters. The economy in the city has a number of drivers, including its deepwater port and the fact that the city hosts the largest naval fleet in the world. Trade is an important factor, thanks to the border with Mexico, while tourism is also a key industry. San Diego also has a number of growing technology firms that provide demand for multi-tenant datacenter facilities, including wireless, life sciences, pharmaceutical research and health services."
AIS is where you want to be. Call us to learn more and discuss how we can help your business become more efficient.
Brian Wood, VP Marketing

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