451 Research Offers "Take" on AIS BusinessCloud1

Jeff Paschke, the research manager for multi-tenant datacenters at 451 Research, just did a write-up on AIS (AIS introduces virtual datacenter cloud, expands in Phoenix and upgrades in San Diego) in the Daily T1R (which is a concise summary of industry activity with a particular focus on the multi-tenant datacenter, colocation, enterprise and mass market hosting sectors that they send out to subscribers).
The T1R take reads as follows:

“AIS continues to be a vibrant provider to watch as it continues to add services and make strategic moves that should continue to expand awareness well beyond its physical southwestern presence. The company’s datacenter footprint in San Diego already supports approximately 20% of its customers from outside this market. With the company’s new BusinessCloud1 offering and as it continues to add more services, T1R expects AIS’s customer base to continue to become more geographically diverse. The company’s datacenter expansion in Phoenix was driven by solid demand and T1R wouldn’t be surprised to see AIS continue to expand its datacenter footprint.”


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