AIS and New Customer in Daily T1R has selected the AIS Lightwave datacenter in San Diego for a multi-rack deployment. reported that it will benefit from colocation services from AIS, with the potential for additional services in the future. opted to start 2013 with a fresh slate, including a new MTDC provider to support its mission-critical operations, and migrated from its previous provider during the last week of 2012. reported that AIS was able to have services established within a week’s time, despite the time of year, and offered high-quality customer relations throughout the process. The cloud-based services offered by rely on high performance and low cost, both of which says it found with AIS.
American Internet Services (AIS) provides datacenter, cloud and managed services operating datacenters in San Diego, Phoenix and Los Angeles. The company offers geographical diversity to support both primary and secondary or business continuity services. AIS is privately held and backed by Seaport Capital, Viridian Investments and DuPont Capital Management. is a cloud-based radio talk show recording service offering free and paid services. Users can get access to over 20,000 shows from more than 10,000 radio stations and record them for playback at their convenience. The service is Android and iPhone compatible. also provides UberTalk, which is a programming guide for thousands of radio shows sorted by popularity and category.
Cloud-based media service companies continue to turn to MTDC providers such as AIS to support their applications. These businesses are attracted to the connectivity and up-to-date technology that MTDC providers can offer. In this instance AIS was able to provide with new technology from its flagship facility to support’s growth and need for increased connectivity, providing it with faster performance and more predictability in its business.

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