AIS Infographic: Top 5 Most Infamous Hackers

In the rise of the digital age, the Internet has opened up a whole new playground for criminals to explore.
Cyber crime is rampant.
A recent popular example of this is Target’s data breach that left up to 40,000,000 customers’ credit and debit cards hacked. If you shopped at a physical Target store anywhere in the world between Thanksgiving and December 15, 2013, check your statement and report any suspicious charges to your bank and credit card company immediately.
It’s a perfect example of why every modern business needs to make network security services a priority in order to protect customers.
The following infographic highlights five of the most infamous hackers and hacking collectives of all time, ways you can prevent being hacked, and some shocking statistics about hacking and IT security.
Brian Wood, VP Marketing

Top 5 Hackers