A+ AIS Phoenix BBB Rating – Yup, Still True!

Things to think about when evaluating data centers in Phoenix:

  1. What type of company do you want to do business with?
  2. Do you believe everything that someone tells you, or do you get it in writing and verify the facts?
  3. Are you willing to bet your reputation and career on salesperson FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) or do you check with multiple sources?

I ask these questions because there are a few people out there that will talk down about AIS when competing us -- and they try to get prospects to believe that they are in the same tier of business that AIS is in.
They've even stooped to implying that our Better Business Bureau rating is something other than stellar. This is patently false.
Please see for yourself, either here or at the Phoenix BBB website.
After you've reviewed and verified our information, I ask suggest that you do the same for the other guys; it's only fair, and karma catches up with people sooner or later.
Another suggestion:

  1. Tour our data center.
  2. Sit down with our executives.
  3. Talk to longtime and just-joined clients.
  4. Review our audited compliance reports.
  5. Do the same with the other guys.
  6. Evaluate, do a gut check, and decide.

It's actually not very complicated once you rise above the FUD.
So please ask yourself: Which team do you want to be on?
Data. Integrity. Facts.
AIS is where you want to be.
Brian Wood
VP of Marketing