AIS Spring Event: Life Sciences Panel Discussion

On March 24, we hosted a panel discussion (“Leveraging the Cloud for Regulated Business Functions”) that was geared towards helping in the Life Sciences industry have a better understanding of the myriad of considerations when selecting, planning, implementing and maintaining a distributed regulated system.  The free-of-charge event was well attended.
During the interactive session, it was clear that security and compliance were top of mind for many of the attendees.
Some key points that were made include:

  • Cloud technologies represent a significant opportunity for the Life Sciences industry to achieve IT agility, enhanced functionality, and infrastructure cost reduction.
  • Security and compliance are significant concerns related to the adoption of colocated and managed IT (cloud) services. The LSIT Good Informatics Practices (GIP) standards represent a certification framework intended to address these concerns.
  • Working with a life sciences-focused managed services provider / colocation facility can provide a significant opportunity for achieving cost-savings while maintaining an acceptable level of risk.

Some attendees took us up on our offer to tour the facility

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