American Internet Services (AIS) Promotes World IPv6 Day

SAN DIEGO, Calif., June 6, 2011 – American Internet Services (AIS), a leading provider of enterprise-class data center and connectivity services in the western United States, today announced its participation in World IPv6 Day taking place on June 8, 2011. AIS will be joining more than 225 participating organizations from every part of the globe that will be enabling IPv6 on their main services for 24 hours as a test flight. Along with testing functionality and interoperability, the purpose of doing this simultaneously with other companies is to raise awareness and accelerate IPv6 deployment across the Internet.
Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the successor to IPv4 — the addressing protocol that the Internet was originally built upon. The exponential growth of the Internet has resulted in exhaustion of the legacy IPv4 address space, driving the deployment of new technology and IPv6 address space.
“The move from the old 32-bit IP addresses in IPv4 to the new 128-bit addresses in IPv6 is a significant one because one variety of IP address can’t talk directly to the other,” said Tim Caulfield, chief executive officer at AIS. “Our objective is to make this a seamless transition for our clients.”
AIS is already live on the new address scheme ( ) and is working with their EAP clients to integrate IPv6 into their networks.
Leading the efforts for AIS are Steve Wallace, director of network operations and John Killian, AIS network architect. An Early Adopter Program is underway at AIS for companies that are interested in participating in World IPv6 Day or who want to begin their IPv6 planning. Learn more by visiting here.
“The AIS Engineering team provides a full spectrum of professional and managed services to enable our clients to focus on their enterprise objectives,” said Wallace. “We truly believe Information Technology deployments like IPv6 should be a service, not a distraction.”
About American Internet Services
American Internet Services (AIS) is an enterprise-class data center and connectivity services company, with seven premium data center footprints in Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix. AIS provides unsurpassed security and award-winning redundancy for both primary and disaster recovery (DR/BCP) colocation setups, cost-effective transit and transport connectivity solutions over fiber, copper and wireless, as well as managed services such as geographic load balancing, Internet firewall security and remote data storage. Privately held, AIS is backed by Seaport Capital, Viridian Investments, and DuPont Capital Management. For more information, visit or call (866) 971-2656.

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