New Managed Storage Offering – August 2011

As we enter the dog days of August, I thought it might be appropriate to address a topic that may be, in effect, “dogging” those responsible for IT in regulated industries (such as life sciences, healthcare and financial services). Namely, where are you going to put all of that compliance-related data?
These days, organizations are realizing that the operational cost of storing data, coupled with the capital expenditure required to maintain infrastructure growth, is a distraction from their core business objectives. In response, many are off-loading their data storage to specialized service providers that have made data management their primary focus and are able to keep up with expanding regulatory requirements and developing cloud storage technologies.

Recognizing how valuable a managed storage offering would be for our clients, we decided to partner with an acknowledged expert in the cloud storage industry, Nirvanix, to launch our – eCloudArchive storage service, which provides a secure, off-site location for archival data. Especially appealing appealing to the clients we’ve talked to so far is that the service can be customized and scaled to meet regulatory and Disaster Recovery requirements for a fraction of the cost of storing the data in-house.
Note: eCloudArchive can be used as a stand-alone service for non-colocated clients – leveraging AIS suite of connectivity services – or integrated into a managed data center solution.

For detailed information on the true costs of managing Enterprise storage, you might find this report by Dragon Slayer Consulting titled “The Compelling Price/Performance Economics of the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network Versus In-house Storage” helpful.
No Sweat! We believe this offering and others in our expanding portfolio of Enterprise Managed Services will provide peace of mind and ease of drudgery.
That’s a wrap for this update. Thanks for your time and thank you for your business! If you need anything, please contact me or a member of our stellar sales team.
Best Regards,
Tim Caulfield
CEO American Internet Services (AIS)