Guiding you through rough waters

Protect your organization and assure business as usual with NFINIT’s Business Continuity solutions.

Guiding you through rough waters.

Protect your organization and assure business as usual with NFINIT’s Business Continuity solutions.


Maintaining Business Continuity

Just because an incident occurs doesn’t mean it has to turn into a disaster. At NFINIT, we emphasize proactive solutions to business continuity, putting technology and processes in place that help better prevent outages to your mission-critical applications. That way, you can keep your day to day operations running without any interruption to your business, eliminating many common issues caused by human errors and system failures.

But when disasters do strike—which they inevitably will—the business continuity strategies we develop take into account everything from initial notifications and call trees, to backups and replication, to failover testing. Whether you want in-depth technical TCO analyses and have strict recovery objectives, or simply want your business to keep running no matter what, we work consultatively with you to develop and implement the most effective business continuity solution for your business.

The NFINIT Advantage

Proactive Disaster Avoidance 

To prevent incidents from turning into disasters

Future-proof Strategies 

With solutions designed to tackle tomorrow’s incidents

Uniquely Architected Data Strategies 

Customized to ensure continuity of your business

Ongoing Measurement 

From quarterly testing to daily reporting


Maintain Business Continuity Even When Disaster Strikes

Don’t let your core business functions be impacted by unplanned incidents


Best in Breed Tools


Benefits of Business Continuity with NFINIT

Continue Core Business Functions 

Don’t let incidents slow down day to day operations

Customizable Solutions 

To ensure uptime of mission-critical applications

24/7/365 Support

Leveraging our team as an extension of your team

Minimize Costs of Downtime 

Reduce costs stemming from unplanned outages

Full BC/DR Plans

Developed consultatively with our subject matter experts

Want to learn proactive strategies to prevent unplanned outages?

Nearly 75% of all outages are either caused by cyber crime, UPS system failures, or human error. Find out how to protect against them in our BC/DR eBook

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