Cabling As Art: When IT Professionals Get Creative

When most people think of the IT world, they think of boring offices, humming computers, and smart people who aren’t very creative. The truth is that the IT world is full of very creative, artistic individuals – and we’re not just talking about graphic designers. The most passionate and creative of IT professionals find unique ways to add a personal touch to their day-to-day activities, such as cabling.
Cabling is one of the most popular and notable ways that tech people can apply an eye for color and pattern in the workplace. For those who’ve never “done time” in a data center, cabling refers to the many wires required to run servers. These often include cables with different colored casings as well as different gauges (or thicknesses). In the right hands, these necessary wires can go from utilitarian to amazing!
The One Cable Wonder
Beautiful cable art doesn’t have to include many color and size variations. As you can see, this data center prefers a simpler approach that doesn’t lack in style. Each row is well organized and carefully gathered to prevent tangling while the gentle curves and bends almost look like cascading water.


Three Colors, One Server
This IT artist carefully alternated between three equally sized cables in orange, yellow, and white. The effect is subtle yet mesmerizing. It’s also easy to see which ends are plugged into which ports so changes can be made without any hassle. The glowing row of green lights makes this fine example worthy of display in an abstract art gallery.


A Rainbow of Cables
It’s easy to see the utility in this cabling design. Each group is tightly gathered so there are no strays or slack to get in the way when work has to be done. From an artistic standpoint, this could be a beautiful recreation of a rainbow. The layers almost pull the eyes into the center, like walking into a portal in a science fiction film.


The Cable Weave
This unique approach is practical because it allows the viewer to identify where each cable is plugged in even though there are no contrasting colors. The alternating weave at the top was an ingenious touch that allows the eye to travel the length of the curve to identify the associated port. It’s like tendrils of brilliant orange swooping down to keep the data flowing!


Patriotic Cable Art
Whether it was intentional or not, this cable art takes on a patriotic tone that looks even more dramatic with the backdrop of dark server racks. Each bundle of wires includes a single color to create a flowing effect that’s easy on the eyes (and much easier on the IT professionals who have to manage the servers).