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NFINIT Appoints Ashley Shaw as VP of Customer Success During High-Growth Phase SAN DIEGO — July 19, 2021 — NFINIT, a leading provider of hybrid cloud solutions, connectivity, and colocation, announces the appointment of Ashley Shaw as Vice President of Customer Success. The San Diego-based executive joins NFINIT’s leadership team to spearhead the company’s customer success […]

NFINIT Named 27th Top Managed Service Provider in The World in Channel Futures MSP 501 Annual MSP 501 Identifies Industry’s Best-in-Class Businesses Growing Via Recurring Revenue and Innovation SAN DIEGO — July 13, 2021 — NFINIT, a leading provider of hybrid cloud solutions, connectivity, and colocation, has been named one of the global technology industry’s top-performing providers of […]

Micro-segmentation: The Ins and Outs of East-West SecurityRansomware is emerging as network security’s largest new specter. Attacks are increasing at a startling rate, and concern has reached the level of national sercurity threat. Follow a series of notable ransomware attacks, the White House issued a warning last week to business leaders regarding the serious threat that they pose, urging further […]


Alert on recent ransomware attacksWith ransomware attacks making headlines recently, including the local incident with Scripps and the potential national security threat with Colonial Oil, we’ve experienced a heightened level of concern amongst NFINIT customers. While we don’t have all of the specifics for either of these attacks, we’ve had many clients reach out inquiring […]

OpEx cloud storage with variable costs

Can you project monthly cloud storage costs?If you’re going to adopt a dog, what kinds of things do you think about beforehand? How big it’ll get, how much it eats, how much exercise it needs – how it will fit your lifestyle. One thing you would never consider is that one month your dog will […]

COVID-19 Desktop

New security holes open as employees return to the office When COVID hit, many organizations made a quick, tactical decision to move employees from corporate offices to their homes. Initially, the technology focus was to ensure that these individuals had the tools needed to complete their work as if they were still in the workplace. […]

I’ve been participating in Veeam’s webinars and training sessions on the upcoming v11 release and am impressed with all that the Veeam team has packed into it. To start off, I want to give the general focal points for this new release: At the top of the list is Disaster Recovery. Many of the new features […]

Lessons Learned from Backup Failures The old adage goes that you learn more from your failures than your success. But it’s a painful education. Kevin Johnson, NFINIT VP of Product Strategy, has a treasure trove of lessons learned from others’ backup disasters. Small-and-medium sized businesses highlighted here implemented backup plans that for the most part, […]

I recently had the opportunity to join a group of tech professionals for an afternoon of sharing and insight regarding the future of virtual machines. The event was VMUG Meet The Experts, which I attended in person in past years, but was delivered virtually this time around. NFINIT partners with VMware for many virtual software […]

Prevent an IT disaster from becoming a business disaster. All the preparation in the world can’t prevent all system outages and data loss. Preparation in how you respond, though, is a different story. It’s inevitable that at some point something will go wrong. Mother Nature could wreak havoc with floods, tornado, or roof collapse due […]

NFINIT Appoints Phil Kenney as New CEO   SAN DIEGO — January 14, 2021 — NFINIT, a leading provider of hybrid cloud solutions, connectivity, and colocation, has appointed Phil Kenney as CEO. A proven results and profit driver for high-growth companies across various sectors, Kenney has led IT, software and retail teams throughout his 30+ […]

They may not work at an undisclosed location at the North Pole for a jolly, bearded boss who imposes strict deadlines and expects miracles. But their dedication and work ethic are certainly in the same league as the mystical, diminutive characters who do. We’re talking about the highly trained, diligent employees who staff the Network […]

As the data economy grows and the pace of digital transformation accelerates, executives are contending with a business environment where dependable and flexible IT infrastructure is crucial. How and where they manage data significantly impacts company operations, and more importantly, business growth and performance. Chief among IT concerns is the cost of data storage. Recent […]

NFINIT Launches AO (Active Object) & Object LS (LightSpeed) Storage Solutions with Predictable Free-gress Payment Model. New Object Storage Suite Manages Large and Growing Data Sets, Allowing Companies to Reduce Storage Costs by More Than 40% SAN DIEGO — December 8, 2020 — NFINIT, a leading provider of hybrid cloud solutions, connectivity, and colocation, announces […]

A colleague from noted commercial real estate firm Hughes Marino recently sent me an email detailing (in his words) the coming “tsunami” in regard to San Diego real estate. The average time on the market for office space is rising steeply, as the COVID-19 effect on the market is severe and only worsening. As a […]

Why a SASE Solution Is More Critical Than Ever Long gone are the days of employees sitting behind a desktop computer, hardwired to your company’s network, safe and for the most part, secure. Smartphones, laptops and other mobile devices have now become ubiquitous and your employees are using them to check their work emails or […]

By now, most of us are well aware of the threat posed by hackers and scammers. But that doesn’t stop them from attempting new and more sophisticated ways to attack businesses and individuals. Just in July of this year, Twitter was breached and hackers took over user accounts—including Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Bill Gates and […]

Sept 25, 2020 – Joel Estrin joined NFINIT, a provider of managed services for cloud migration, colocation, and network security and performance, as Business Development Manager for Phoenix and surrounding markets. San Diego-based NFINIT, previously known as AIS, has operated a secure data center in Phoenix since 2012. Through acquisitions and growth in target industry […]

IT departments have experienced a sudden impact from the COVID-19 virus that brought about an immediate short-term challenge of providing a solution for their employees to access applications and maintain productivity from remote locations.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has issued a customer bulletin advising of a critical flaw in four of their Enterprise Class Solid State Drive models. According to the bulletin, a vendor supplying the firmware of these drives has identified a defect where the drives, which are 800GB and 1.6TB models, will fail after 40000 hours of […]