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Micro-segmentation: The Ins and Outs of East-West SecurityRansomware is emerging as network security’s largest new specter. Attacks are increasing at a startling rate, and concern has reached the level of national sercurity threat. Follow a series of notable ransomware attacks, the White House issued a warning last week to business leaders regarding the serious threat that they pose, urging further […]


Alert on recent ransomware attacksWith ransomware attacks making headlines recently, including the local incident with Scripps and the potential national security threat with Colonial Oil, we’ve experienced a heightened level of concern amongst NFINIT customers. While we don’t have all of the specifics for either of these attacks, we’ve had many clients reach out inquiring […]

COVID-19 Desktop

New security holes open as employees return to the office When COVID hit, many organizations made a quick, tactical decision to move employees from corporate offices to their homes. Initially, the technology focus was to ensure that these individuals had the tools needed to complete their work as if they were still in the workplace. […]