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Micro-segmentation: The Ins and Outs of East-West SecurityRansomware is emerging as network security’s largest new specter. Attacks are increasing at a startling rate, and concern has reached the level of national sercurity threat. Follow a series of notable ransomware attacks, the White House issued a warning last week to business leaders regarding the serious threat that they pose, urging further […]


Alert on recent ransomware attacksWith ransomware attacks making headlines recently, including the local incident with Scripps and the potential national security threat with Colonial Oil, we’ve experienced a heightened level of concern amongst NFINIT customers. While we don’t have all of the specifics for either of these attacks, we’ve had many clients reach out inquiring […]

OpEx cloud storage with variable costs

Can you project monthly cloud storage costs?If you’re going to adopt a dog, what kinds of things do you think about beforehand? How big it’ll get, how much it eats, how much exercise it needs – how it will fit your lifestyle. One thing you would never consider is that one month your dog will […]

I’ve been participating in Veeam’s webinars and training sessions on the upcoming v11 release and am impressed with all that the Veeam team has packed into it. To start off, I want to give the general focal points for this new release: At the top of the list is Disaster Recovery. Many of the new features […]