Caulfield Joins Board of CommNexus San Diego

AIS has announced that their chief executive officer, Tim Caulfield, has joined the board of CommNexus San Diego, a non-profit technology industry association that works to accelerate the formation, growth, and success of the technology industry in the region. Along with participating in developing the technology vision of San Diego, Caulfield will be focusing on providing advice and support for EvoNexus™, the non-profit incubator program backed by CommNexus for high tech start-up ventures.

“It is a privilege to be part of a group that is really making a difference in the San Diego region when it comes to helping tech companies get some wind in their sails,” said Caulfield. “I look forward to working with the strong team CommNexus has put together and the entrepreneurs I will have a chance to help through AIS and my network.”

More information about CommNexus can be found at