Color Broadband Communications Expands Operations Into American Internet Services Phoenix Data Center

San Diego, CA – April 1st, 2010 – American Internet Services (AIS), a leading provider of data center and connectivity solutions, today announced that the telecommunication vendor Color Broadband Communications has expanded its colocation footprint into the AIS Phoenix data center. By having its first out-of-state solution, AIS gives Color Broadband additional leverage inside the untapped Phoenix market, and will strengthen the digital and communication service platforms offered by Color Broadband.
The AIS Phoenix Van Buren data center represents a major milestone for AIS as the first out-of-state colocation footprint in the history of the company. With disaster recovery becoming such a crucial component to the success of today’s corporations, having a geographically dispersed data center in Arizona had become a requirement to many AIS colocation clients. To ensure the highest levels of data center services for its clients, this AIS facility includes a 2N UPS configuration, N+1 cooling infrastructure and 24x7x365 on-site security/support personnel. Clients and preferred partners like Color Broadband can choose to leverage from the portfolio of managed AIS networking services, including global traffic management, performance routed IP and seamless private layer 2 transport out of Phoenix to any remote AIS San Diego or Los Angeles data center. In addition, the Phoenix data center is currently undergoing a SAS 70 Type II audit, which is being performed by independent firm NDB.
“By housing additional infrastructure in the AIS Phoenix data center, many of our fast-growing customers demands for services that require multiple facilities can finally be answered,” said Scheron Briones, Vice President of Engineering for Color Broadband. “We also needed additional colocation space, and we chose to continue growing with our trusted partner AIS by securing the additional footprint in Phoenix.”
About Color Broadband Communications
Since its inception in 2002, Color Broadband has been providing voice over internet services to an international list of high-profile clientele. Offering an alternative, more cost effective approach to voice and data communications, Color Broadband provides telecommunication solutions to clients at all AIS data centers. To learn more about Color Broadband, visit or call (866) 678-8647.
About American Internet Services
American Internet Services (AIS) is a West Coast data center and connectivity company, partnering with clients in their technology footprints and ensuring long-term business continuity. With seven data center footprints in Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix, AIS helps businesses and corporations secure their colocation infrastructure inside an AIS technology fortress. Offering cabinet, cage and private suite footprints, all AIS data centers give clients unsurpassed security and award-winning redundancy for both primary and disaster recovery (DR/BCP) colocation setups. Leveraging from longterm carrier relationships, AIS also presents clients cost-effective transit and transport connectivity solutions over fiber, copper and wireless. In addition to colocation and connectivity, AIS provides managed services such as geographic load balancing, internet firewall security and remote data storage. For additional information about AIS, please visit or call (866) 971-COLO.

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