Enterprises Spend HOW MUCH on Storage?

This is a short but practical (and relevant) article on a survey conducted by NaviSite.
The contents speak for themselves.
Article by Nicole Henderson in The WHIR.
Emphasis in red added by me.
Brian Wood, VP Marketing

Enterprises Spend 25 Percent of IT Budgets on Data Storage: NaviSite Study

Most companies allocate 25 percent of their IT budget to data storage, according to a survey released on Wednesday by web hosting provider NaviSite.
NaviSite surveyed more than 560 IT executives and professionals from organizations with more than 200 employees to understand the biggest IT trends impacting their business strategy, and according to the results, the top three trends facing enterprise IT departments are budget constraints, cloud and data explosion.
Close to 40 percent of respondents store 1-500TB across their entire network, and 77 percent of respondents said major databases including Oracle, SQL and MySQL are the types of storage they require for their data.
Nearly half of respondents said it is crucial to know where their data lies in the cloud, and 80 percent are storing data in two or more locations. Security in the cloud is a challenge confronting 64 percent of respondents.
A recent study by RightScale found that SMBs are ahead of enterprises in terms of cloud use, with only 17 percent of enterprises reporting heavy use of cloud computing in their organizations. The survey found that enterprises were likely to have a multi-cloud strategy, which suggests that they had data stored in several locations.
NaviSite offers customized cloud platforms for enterprise needs, so its motive behind the survey is clear, but the sample is big enough that it paints a clear picture of enterprise cloud trends, which could be of use to other cloud providers. NaviSite launched two new enterprise cloud services, NaviCloud Intelligent Storage Share service and NCIS Vault. 
This survey really highlighted that the basic tenants of cloud computing are now top-of-mind for the enterprise, with location and security of data being a primary focus for IT executives,” Chris
Patterson of NaviSite said in a statement. “For 14 years, NaviSite has been working with enterprise customers to meet their security needs, so we have unmatched expertise when it comes to taking the enterprise into the cloud.”