Expert Update: World IPv6 Day

The Internet Society’s World IPv6 Day took place on June 8, 2011. AIS joined more than 225 participating organizations from every part of the globe in a “test flight” that occurred over a 24-hour period.  Along with testing functionality and interoperability, the purpose of doing this simultaneously with other companies was to raise awareness and accelerate IPv6 deployment across the Internet.
According to AIS chief network architect, John Killian, things went well with no issues reported.  It was a success in proving the functionality of IPv6.

“It was an excellent opportunity to get a real-world ‘test-flight’ on a large scale,” said Killian.

Ntrepid Corporation, a client of AIS that sells an online security product called Anonymizer, participated as well.  Their systems architect, Brian Bennett also thought things went well, stating, “implementation was smooth and setup was easy.”  Plus, “there were no complaints from anyone.”
When asked how companies should approach IPv6 implementation, Bennett suggested that a small set of experts should be cultivated in-house.  Then, do the deployment on a small scale before expanding to universal usage.
AIS is Ready:  Killian remarked,

“It is important for customers to know we are technically ready to provide pure IPv6 services.”

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