In-House IT Management vs. Data Center Outsourcing

Below is a “motherhood” article that I read in eZine Articles by George Baylor — nothing new, but valuable reminders nonetheless.
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Brian Wood, VP Marketing

In-House IT Management Versus Data Center Outsourcing

Internet technology has rapidly evolved over the last several decades. Businesses are often finding themselves at a loss to keep up. It has become clear that most businesses need an alternative to the “IT closet”. However, establishing another building where they can maintain their resources is not feasible for most companies. It is just more expensive than most companies can afford. Larger corporations have had no problems securing such buildings. However, smaller companies often need alternative options. As a result, many have turned to reliable data centers to house critical IT infrastructure.
Data centers are a cost-effective way for businesses to access the space they need. Therefore, raising additional capital no longer becomes necessary. It offer a reasonable solution to maintaining constant connectivity, as well as keeping data available to clients. They can service businesses of all sizes, regardless of the amount of storage customers have.
Outsource versus In-House Management
Many companies understand the expenses that come with managing an IT infrastructure. For some companies, the cost is too great to overcome. Without the ability to outsource IT to a data center, these businesses can’t afford the upkeep. Data that is kept in-house comes with a plethora of potential problems. Most buildings that companies are housed in are not designed with the features of these centers. In essence, these centers bear the burden of maintaining the security, networking and disaster prevention services. Companies can then better focus on the day-to-day operations rather than on IT problems.
Not all Data Centers are Created Equal
Data centers, like any other business, have quality providers and those that are not. When seeking to outsource their IT infrastructure, prospective clients should learn everything about the centers they are considering. To determine if a center provides quality service a company should look at:
Staff – Only skilled technicians should be employed. The staff is in charge of any center issue that arises. Thus, it becomes a key point to learn about the hiring procedures of the center. Staff members should be knowledgeable in handling all data issues. They should also be skilled in maintaining the cooling systems and being prepared in case of a fire.
Security Measures– A high level of security is desired within data centers. Otherwise, the company’s data is placed at a significant risk. All of the staff should follow the same security measures. A combination of digital and physical security measures should be in place. This ensures that the data and IT infrastructures onsite are not placed at risk.
Environment – Location is always a crucial element when it comes to storing IT equipment. The centers that are located in climates with a high potential for natural disasters are not a good choice. They are not able to provide guarantees in regards to up-time and reliability.
Knowing how data centers operate and what to look for benefits prospective clients. Choosing a high-quality provider is crucial, especially when the business’ operations are at risk.

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