Infographic: Cloud Security Risks, Realities

Excessive fear and exuberant optimism abound when it comes to  the cloud.
Who you gonna call?
Summary by Fred Donovan in FierceITSecurity.
Emphasis in red added by me.
Brian Wood

Infographic: 3/4 of firms rate their cloud security as fair or poor

Despite the efficiency improvements and costs savings that cloud computing promises, enterprises continue to drag their feet because of security worries.
In fact, security is the number one concern about using the cloud, according to data in an infographic produced by cloud software advisory firm Cloudswave.
Three-quarters of businesses rate their cloud security as fair or poor, and 91 percent of businesses believe they are vulnerable to a cloud security attack on their applications.
According to the infographic, there have been 855 cloud security breaches in which 174 million customers' records were compromised.
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