Infographic: CyberSecurity in the Banking Industry

CDW put together the infographic below to summarize the state of affairs in banking industry cybersecurity.
Summary: things are not as good as one would hope yet not as bad as one could fear.
Summary by Fred Donovan in FierceCIO.
Emphasis in red added by me.
Brian Wood, VP Marketing

Infographic: Banking customers blissfully unaware of rise in cyberattacks

Close to half of banks have experienced a cybersecurity attack in the last year, yet only 5 percent of customers were aware of those attacks, according to a survey of 150 U.S. bank managers by CDW.
Close to half of respondents say that the banking industry plays down the impact of cyberattacks, and one quarter say their banks’ IT infrastructure is stressed to a dangerous level.
A majority of bank managers say that the frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks is on the rise. The biggest impact from those attacks are downtime for online banking, financial loss for the bank, theft of personally identifiable information, and financial loss for the customer.
Yet, only 41 percent of large banks and 14 percent of small banks have an effective cybersecurity plan in place, the survey finds.
Check out the full-size infographic here.