Infographic: Data Loss

The data loss infographic below from Imprima ( was posted in FierceITSecurity.
The lead-in:
Close to three-quarters of businesses that suffer a major data loss close down within 24 months, according to an infographic put together by security firm Imprima.
This “suggests that the most effective strategy will be to focus on preventing breaches from occurring in the first place. As well as the financial consequences of data loss, the impact on a company’s reputation can contribute heavily to a loss of customers, which can also cause it to shut down,” writes Imprima CEO Torgny Gunnarsson in a Guardian blog.
Unfortunately, businesses are not implementing the security measures needed to protect assets, such as employee training and backing up data. For example, more than three-quarters of employees admit to leaving their computers unattended.

Destructuve data loss infographic