New High Availability Offering – January 2012

I hope 2012 has been treating you well so far. We’ve been particularly busy with our Enterprise Managed Services offerings. Right before the holiday break, we unveiled e-ManagedSecurity. Based on security and compliance solutions powered by Security On-Demand, a leading provider of hybrid cloud security and compliance solutions, this Managed Security Service (MSS) products line enables companies to easily and cost-effectively implement a comprehensive security strategy that protects the organization across all potential attack vectors. Think protection!
We are in the process of unveiling AIS e-HA 2.0 which provides state-of-the-art Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity through the use of enterprise-grade infrastructure and by leveraging our highly redundant, geographically diverse data centers. AIS e-HA 2.0 consists of two basic services and several bundled services that utilize F5 Networks global and local load balancers for monitoring the state of the target servers and the location of the requesting client, and then directing traffic accordingly.

Last Saturday, Tom Brady set a playoff record with six touchdowns against the Denver Broncos. Impressive! What many may not know is that Brady had tremendous pass protection. Per the New York Life Protection Index, the New England Patriots graded out with a season-high 110.9. In comparison, the New York Giants were at 72.2 and the San Francisco 49ers at 70.0.
Because of the protection, Brady had all the time in the world to hit his receivers.
At AIS, our enterprise managed services offerings are all about protection. Besides helping with availability of critical apps, plus enabling quick recovery and business continuity, we also provide a way to keep CAPEX low and eliminate the need for companies to step into an area where they aren’t necessarily experts. Truly great stuff!
Ready for an X’s and O’s session? Our team of experts will gladly white board out a solution that can offer your company the scalable, affordable protection it needs. Please call 866.971.2656 or click here to learn more.

Lastly, I recently became a director of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation (EDC). This is a group that implements strategies for setting the San Diego region apart from its competitors as a thriving center of technology and entrepreneurship. The focus is on regional prosperity as well as strengthening San Diego’s diverse economy to compete in the global marketplace. Please help AIS in supporting EDC's efforts.
That’s a wrap for this update. Thanks for your time and thank-you for your business!
Best Regards,
Tim Caulfield
CEO American Internet Services (AIS)