eCloudMail Excitement & Success – July 2011

I have some exciting news. Next week we will be unveiling our new website. The “makeover” has been in process for several months. Along with the new look, we have added functionality that will accommodate the many activities we have planned for the months ahead.
I am especially excited about the new Our Experts section where members of the AIS team will be offering insights and answering questions. Here are some of the topic areas that will be covered.

  • Frank G on Service Delivery
  • Ken C on Data Centers
  • Steve W on Network Ops
  • Dan Z on Compliance & Security
  • Mark D on Smart Planning

We also have an Expert Tips area in our Knowledge Center. Please take a look when you get a chance.
Speaking of activities in the months ahead, we are really close to announcing a series of webinars. The program will start in August with our first focus topic being eCloudMail-related.
Make sure to watch for our announcement.
You may recall that last month I mentioned our eCloudMail outreach campaign. The response has been amazing. The people we spoke with were very excited by the offering for the following reasons:
1. It takes email off my plate.
2. It saves us money.
3. You are highly available.
In fact, that last point is the one that really resonated because it seems like everyone had to deal with email being down at some point. If you’d like to speak with an eCloudMail expert right away, please contact Ken Valenti at kvalenti@nfinitlocal.local.

One last topic for this go-around. Regarding our participation in IPv6 day (which I wrote about in the May update) where we joined more than 225 participating organizations from every part of the globe in a “test flight” that occurred over a 24-hour period. Along with testing functionality and interoperability, the purpose of doing this simultaneously with other companies was to raise awareness and accelerate IPv6 deployment across the Internet.

According our chief network architect, John Killian, things went well with no issues reported.
“It was a success in proving the functionality of IPv6. We are technically ready to provide pure IPv6 services.”
That’s a wrap for this update. Thanks for your time and thank you for your business! If you need anything, please contact me or a member of our stellar sales team.
Best Regards,
Tim Caulfield
CEO American Internet Services (AIS)

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