New Cloud Mail & Archive Offerings – June 2011

Last month I alluded to things that were “under wraps.” Let’s discuss what those were. An area of our business we’ve been focusing on is our enterprise-class managed services offerings, which are designed to complement a company’s IT strategy in support of their business and operations today and in the future.
You may recall that towards the end of last year, we unveiled Enterprise High Availability (e- HA) services that provide performance optimization of mission critical applications and fulfill Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity (DR/BC) requirements. DR/BC continue to be top of mind with all the weather-related upheaval that’s been happening. Interest in our Phoenix (Van Buren) location has been strong.
Now we’ve got two more Enterprise Managed Services (EMS) solutions in our portfolio:

eCloudMail is an affordable, fully managed, highly reliable, Microsoft Outlook-compatible email and collaboration service with an emphasis on security. It provides companies with outsourced, headache-free email that can keep up with the demands of their business.
eCloudArchive takes the headache and expense out of data archiving. It provides flexibility and diversity through geographically diverse cloud storage nodes. This solution is ideal for meeting compliance and business continuity requirements with granular security and globally secure access. It is powered by Nirvanix, a leading provider of enterprise-class cloud storage services designed specifically for customers with expectations of extreme security, reliability and redundancy levels.
These EMS offerings leverage the robust power architecture, security, network high-availability and network redundancy AIS data centers are known for, along with our stellar Professional Services, Service Delivery and Client Services teams – a true ‘win-win’ for our clients.
In fact, results from the recent client survey we took on managed services (Thanks to those who participated!) indicated that lowering operational costs (76% of responses) and easing the workload of the IT staff (more than 60%) were noted as reasons for using managed services. We feel these two offerings are right in the wheelhouse.
Note: An AID business development rep will be contacting you to review our eCloudMail offering and to schedule follow up meetings with one of our Cloud Experts. If you’d like to schedule a call immediately, please contact ken Valenti at kvalenti@nfinitlocal.local.
Needless to say, we are quite proud of our new offerings.
Fundraising Drive a Success!
There’s one more item I’d like to mention. Special thanks goes out to everyone who participated in our AIS for LLS (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) fundraising campaign.
Here’s what Piper Medcalf, executive director for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society had to say:
“We were very impressed with how AIS rallied support for our cause via their ‘AIS for LLS’ campaign. We commend AIS on their approach and plan on pointing them out as a stellar example of how companies can get folks involved.”
Thanks for your time and thank you for your business! If you need anything, please contact me or a member of our stellar sales team.
Best Regards,
Tim Caulfield
CEO American Internet Services (AIS)