On Smart Planning: Considerations when Selecting a Colocation Facility

There are many reasons why companies seek a colocation facility for their data center needs. Perhaps it’s the benefit derived from a cost-effective, quick-access solution. Or, there may be a desire for a higher tier Level facility with better infrastructure and tighter security.  Whatever the drivers may be, for the desired results to be achieved, a critical step is to have a disciplined approach to evaluating potential colocation vendors to ensure the desired results are achieved.
Consideration for Selecting a Colocation Facility
The following is a top line list that companies selecting a colocation facility should think about.
•    Facility Tiers 1-4, there are differences
•    Business stakeholder needs and guarantees
•    Power requirements
•    Service Level Agreements (SLA)
•    Network throughput
•    Legal, Regulatory and Compliance requirements
•    Geographic considerations
•    Disaster Recovery
•    Managed Services
•    Professional Services
•    Managed Security Services
We know the questions that need to be asked which can really help circumvent the evaluation process.
In fact, for more than 20 years, AIS has delivered forward-thinking advice, technology, and operation-enhancing solutions.   We can help you address every aspect of your infrastructure — including how new solutions may affect the bigger picture.

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