Outsourcing IT? Read this Whitepaper (Part 3 of 3)

AIS commissioned Joseph Kleinpeter, PhD — a highly experienced IT outsourcing expert — to write a 3-part whitepaper and deliver a webinar on what YOU should be thinking about when outsourcing IT infrastructure and services.
The whitepaper is called, “Keys to Successful IT Outsourcing for the Intelligent CIO
Dr. Kleinpeter has been an independent consultant doing business as SMART Infosys Consulting for 10 years, specializing in developing, implementing, improving, and managing IT outsourcing agreements.
Successful engagements have been performed for the DuPont Company, Hilton Worldwide, The American Red Cross, Selective Insurance, Christiana Care Health Services, The City of Wilmington, Delaware, Gerdau Ameristeel, and Air Products and Chemicals.
He was a senior IT leader at DuPont for nearly 20 years, including Director of Global Telecommunications, and was part of the CIO’s small leadership team that developed, implemented and managed DuPont’s landmark $3 billion outsourcing engagement with CSC and Accenture in the late 1990s.
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I hope you enjoy them all.