Van Buren

Why Phoenix?

As more and more of our clients shift their focus towards business continuity and minimizing downtime, our Van Buren data center in Phoenix, Arizona stands out as the ideal location for their colocation needs.

A geographically stable region, Phoenix is safe from nearly all forms of natural disaster, meaning clients who rely on our facility can successfully maximize their business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities. When they choose our Van Buren data center as their data home, they don’t have to worry about costly downtime and inefficiencies created from unexpected disasters.

Van Buren Data Center

Located in downtown Phoenix, our Van Buren facility is a carrier-neutral hub serving as a point of interconnection for many of the world’s leading carriers and network service providers. Van Buren is connected to our private, MPLS network and offers fully featured colocation services for clients of all sizes, as well as NFINIT Cloud services and direct connections to AWS Direct Connect and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute.

Colocation: Van Buren offers fully featured colocation services capable of serving clients of all sizes from custom cages to affordable multi-sized locking cabinets. Clients can select from our portfolio of managed network connectivity services including performance-routed IP and seamless Layer 3 VPN transport to any remote NFINIT data center.

Cloud Services: Van Buren offers NFINIT Cloud services and access to our direct connection to AWS and Microsoft Azure via our private MPLS network. Clients with equipment at any of the NFINIT data centers can access Van Buren cloud services over our private MPLS network.

Private Network: All NFINIT data centers are connected by a private MPLS network, allowing clients in any of the NFINIT facilities to access cloud services or direct connection to AWS or Microsoft Azure. The NFINIT network allows clients to take advantage of fast, secure, geo-redundant backup and recovery from other NFINIT data centers.