NFINIT Community Cloud



Get the best of both (cloud) worlds

Get the control and security of a private cloud with the cost savings and resource scaling of a public cloud.

NFINIT Community Cloud embodies the evolution of the modern IT strategy, built upon our deep understanding of keeping your data secure while limiting latency and downtime. With a fully integrated infrastructure that connects to existing environments, we develop solutions that adapt to your current needs and positions your business for future growth and scalability. 

Thanks to partnerships with companies like Microsoft (Hyper-V), Oracle, and VMware, you retain complete control over your cloud infrastructure. NFINIT Community Cloud comes with intuitive interfaces that allow you to scale and adapt your computing power as needed. The result is a solution that helps your organization meet tomorrow’s needs, today.


NFINIT Community Cloud

Cost Effective 

Leveraging the advantages of economies of scale and multi tenancy

Best in Breed Technology

As workloads evolve, so do our tools and platforms 

Flexible Resources  

Utilize tools and technologies best suited to your specific workload.

Passionate Support 

Access to expertise in everything from firewalls to forensics 

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Benefits of NFINIT Community Cloud


Support for Compliance Requirements
With ongoing mapping to frameworks like PCI and HIPAA
Virtual Data Centers
Completely isolated for each NFINIT Community Cloud customer
Industry-leading Hypervisors

VMware and Hyper-V provide flexibility in deployments


With a private MPLS network


Best in Breed Tools


VMware Cloud Verified
Microsoft Hyper-V

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environment—or something in between—we can help develop the right cloud solution for your business.

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