NFINIT Object Storage

Realize Savings in S3 Compatible Storage

Eliminate Hidden Costs in Cloud Storage

Object storage is a great, cost-efficient, Storage-as-a-Service (StaaS) solution - until you actually want to access your data. Then you get hit with a network charge, or egress, for pulling data from the cloud. You might also see transactions charges, making this storage model pricey and unpredictable.


Introducing a New Object Storage Approach

With NFINIT's S3 compatible storage featuring our unique Free-gress model, you can forget about additional usage-based charges or add-on fees. Your costs are the same every month, no matter how, or how often, you use your stored data.

Application-Driven Object Storage

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to object storage. So we provide options. AO, for Active Object, is cost-efficient storage without egress and transaction charges typically associated with object storage. LS, for LightSpeed, allows for on-the-fly access to and collaboration on extremely large files. Both S3 compatible solutions provide secure storage that scales as your needs change.


Highly scalable, NFINIT AO is always right-sized to your needs. No over-provisioning, no risk of underestimating future data growth. In either a private or public cloud, it’s a secure, predictable, low-TCO storage option that's ideal for backup and archival storage.

  • No variable, usage-based fees
  • Predictable OpEx cost model
  • Maintains ideal capacity
  • Optional immutability
  • NFINIT 24/7/365 security and support
  • S3 and Swift compatible
  • Backup, DR, File Archive, WORM, Big Data, AI

It’s called NFINIT Object LightSpeed for a reason. A unique software application layer provides fast, anywhere access to extremely large files. It delivers the speed and ease of a local-drive, but from cloud object storage.

All the benefits of NFINIT AO plus:

  • Streaming, not downloads and syncing
  • No gateways
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Easy, fast collaboration
  • Scale infinitely
  • Video, image, content files

When Object LS is the Best Option

Medical Imaging

Secure and immediate access to patient files when and where they’re needed

Media and Entertainment

Remote post-production workflows and post-production editing directly in the cloud

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Collaborate on CAD/CAM models in real-time, directly from the cloud

Safety and Surveillance

Immediate access and review capabilities; no downloads or syncing

“The best part of NFINIT Object LS is the speed at which it streams a large file. Its fast upstream and downstream data transfers give our team instant access, increasing efficiency and improving delivery timelines.” Amanda Stuckey, Vice President of Marketing for Chef Works.

Object, File, Block: How They Compare

53% of IT professionals rank data growth as their biggest headache according to a new independent study by 451 Research. Additionally, 59% reported flat or declining storage budgets. The only way to align growing needs with shrinking budgets is to use different storage types for different types of data.

Object storage is typically unstructured archival data or immutable storage supporting a three-tier backup strategy. NFINIT’s Object LightSpeed (LS) changes the object storage paradigm to support frequently accessed large files. It offers the scalability and cost efficiency typical of object storage, but with fast, easy, and no-charge access.

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