Private Cloud

Dedicated Single-Tenant, Private Cloud Environments

Get the control and security you need from a cloud environment dedicated solely to your organization 

Benefits of Private Cloud Environments


Extreme Flexibility 

Fully customizable environments to meet your specific business requirements

Increased Scalability  

With the ability to quickly scale up or down as needs evolve

Enhanced Security 

 No shared resources means higher levels of control and security

Faster Performance 

Optimized for efficiency with dedicated resources for your business

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Solutions designed for security, agility, and performance

Whatever your business demands, private cloud environments can be customized to support the exact kind of control you need. Private clouds are often the preferred choice for institutions that require dedicated resources for mission-critical applications, with enhanced control that meets compliancy needs of the business.

With NFINIT, we develop tailored solutions to meet your needs—whether that is leveraging our dedicated cloud environment, or utilizing an on-site or external cloud environment. The experience of our professional services team, along with our extensive network of technology partners, enables us to design, build and operate cloud environments that evolve just as fast as your business does.


Private Cloud

Right-sized Environments  

With networking, compute and storage tailored to your company’s needs

Consultative Approach  

Building on our decades of experience assessing cloud needs

Best of Breed Technology  

Leveraging premier equipment and enterprise licensing

Always-on Support  

Get proactive monitoring and access to expert support 24/7/365


Best in Breed Tools


VMware Cloud Verified
Microsoft Hyper-V

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