Storage as a Service



Scalable, On-Demand Storage Solutions for Any Application

 Storage that scales as rapidly as your business needs 


The right storage platform for your specific workload

When you partner with NFINIT for your storage needs, we work to develop a unique storage infrastructure that ensures you get the space and availability that your business requires. From flash storage to near-line storage to hybrid storage, we help assess the right-size storage solution for your organization.

We don’t just stop at the storage itself, though. We also ensure that data transfer needs are taken into account, providing transparent pricing and ensuring performance stays optimized through fluctuations in storage and transfer needs. Whatever your company’s storage needs may be, we’ll take a consultative approach to building the right solution that reduces costs and increases operational agility. 


Storage as a Service

SAN as a Service

With multi-tier, on-demand storage options

NAS as a Service  

Serving data quickly and reliably across workloads

Object Storage 

Cost effective, high volume, data storage without transfers or transaction costs

Storage as a Service with NFINIT

Reduced Capital Expenditure 

Avoid capital expenses for incremental storage and only pay for what you need

High Availability  

Built on the NetApp storage architecture using RAID-DP configuration

Custom Deployments  

Utilizing the storage options that make the most sense for your business

Rapid Scalability  

To adapt to changing business—and storage—needs

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