AWS Direct Connect

Easily Scale with a Secure, Reliable AWS Cloud Connection

Reduce costs, increase security, and ensure consistent network performance

AWS Direct Connect

With AWS Direct Connect you can connect via a private, routed connection from a specified AWS on-ramp location into the AWS Cloud. NFINIT is able to connect to any AWS regions via multiple on-ramps, while extending this link to any client location. NFINIT offers two forms of peering with AWS: Private and Public.

Private Peering

NFINIT provides private peering into a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment that you own and control.

Public Peering

This allows you to advertise public IP space into all AWS North American regions and receive all AWS prefixes used by them.


Use your existing AWS account and manage resources the way you always do, while leveraging the power of a dedicated, secure, private, dark fiber connection to AWS.

Multi-site connectivity through the NFINIT dark fiber network with up to 40G connection speeds or sub-1G speeds in increments of 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500Mbps.

Multi-carrier, geographic diverse connectivity paths eliminates the risk of a carrier failure, and single- or dual-port connection options allow clients to ensure the appropriate level of redundancy for mission critical workloads.

Use NFINIT Network Passport to connect your office to any NFINIT data center and take advantage of our direct connection.

Future Proof Architecture

Redundant Direct Connect Deployment

This demonstrates a redundant deployment of the NFINIT Direct Connect service leveraging two AWS on-ramps and connecting two customer AWS accounts to on-premises equipment.

AWS Direct Connect Gateway

NFINIT leverages the AWS Direct Connect Gateway for Customers who host AWS resources outside of regions that NFINIT is directly connected to enabling them to connect to their VPCs.

Benefits of a Direct Connect Link


Reduced Costs

Reduced network costs and 66% cost savings on data egress rates.


Total Reliability

Bandwidth is provisioned in a dedicated manner, guaranteeing the contracted throughput.


Gain Predictability

Network connectivity that offers reduced and consistent low-latency.


Guaranteed Privacy

Establish a private connection to AWS and comply with data privacy laws by avoiding the public internet.


 Zero Complexity

Users can forego the use of VPNs when connecting to their Cloud environment(s).

Accelerate Your Business With a Hybrid IT Model

NFINIT’s secure, reliable data centers [link to managed colocation page] provide the optimal environment for integrating any Public Cloud services or SaaS applications into edge infrastructure and building a hybrid IT solution. Benefit from the security of built-in network resiliency and SLAs, and seamless connectivity between your public and private infrastructure when you tap into any of NFINIT’S data centers.

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