DDoS Mitigation

Block DDoS Attacks Without Slowing Users Down

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks attempt to make your systems or network unavailable to legitimate users by flooding it with requests from multiple different devices. DDoS attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, focusing from network and transport layers to the application layer where DDoS protection is much harder to maintain. 

Layered on top of NFINIT’s Premium Datacenter Blend, NFINIT delivers a data-center grade DDoS protection service. Our team of security experts leverages next-generation user identification tools and technology to differentiate between legitimate traffic and harmful bots, blocking malicious traffic from ever reaching you. To stop even the most determined threat actors, we scatter the traffic across our distributed network of servers, absorbing the impact of the attack to manageable levels and keeping you online.

Trust NFINIT to defend you against DDoS attacks.

DDoS Mitigation with NFINIT


NFINIT will monitor client links to create a behavioral baseline of legitimate, expected traffic.


NFINIT absorbs attack traffic at the edge of the network, scrubs it and delivers clean traffic back to your systems.


With attacks more sophisticated than ever, NFINIT’s security experts stay a step ahead, deploying countermeasures across the network and using security logs to improve resilience.


NFINIT provides proactive protection against even the most sophisticated attacks with a multi-level, cloud-based approach against any type of traffic.


With a 24/7/365 security engine, NFINIT mitigates the risk of DDoS attacks by analyzing raw traffic in real time for signatures, heuristics and policy-based reputation decisions. 

Ensure minimum opportunity for attacks for maximum peace of mind