Network Services Overview

NFINIT designs, implements, and manages networks that are secure, highly reliable, and optimized to deliver end-user access any time, any place, and on any device. Our people, processes, and technology support an integrated network infrastructure, enabling you to achieve greater collaboration and responsiveness.

Advanced Internet Service

Make the most of your network and streamline your business operations with Advanced Internet Services from NFINIT. We provide you with multiple carriers over one connection to provide cost effective, high-speed connectivity without any of the downtime, and we handle all of the configuration, automation, interconnection, and management of services for your entire network.

DDoS Mitigation Service

In today’s threat landscape, DDoS attacks are nearly impossible to avoid, but NFINIT can help you aggressively resist attacks so you can carry on with business as usual. Leveraging next-generation user identification tools and technology, our DDoS Mitigation Service manages any type, size, or duration of attack on your network or applications with near-zero latency.

AWS Direct Connect

Establish a secure connection between your network and Amazon Web Services with NFINIT. We offer dedicated access to AWS Direct Connect, so your business can benefit from predictable low-latency performance while remaining compliant and controlling costs.

NFINIT Network Passport

Businesses are turning to hybrid cloud infrastructure models, which offers both the agility and flexibility of cloud and the security of a data center; but doing so requires private, secure connections between networks, as well as direct connections to public cloud providers. NFINIT Network Passport replaces the cost of a standard office internet connection with a dynamic network service that provides access to all public clouds.

Managed Endpoints

For businesses struggling to protect their network endpoints, NFINIT offers a sophisticated managed endpoint solution that combines active monitoring, management, and security tools with experienced resources and proven expertise to deliver complete system and user support.