Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service

Protect Your Critical Data and Applications

Businesses are experiencing explosive data growth exceeding 50% each year, and that data is essential to the success of the company. Back-ups are a critical piece of a company’s data management strategy, but it can be a simple concept that creates a variety of headaches. By systematically introducing a platform with additional servers, management consoles, and more single points of failure – for a typically over-worked and undermanned IT group to manage – can create issues and uncertainty.

With multiple geographic diverse data centers, connected with a large network backbone and manned by diverse 24/7/365 staff, NFINIT is well positioned to take over these tasks so you can focus on your business.

Security and Compliance

Protect against Cybercrime

Air gapped Data Protection


Data / Cloud mobility

NFINIT BaaS service allows data portibility between providers

Enablement of a true multi-cloud strategy

Cloud Data Retention

Cross cloud data protection

IaaS and Saas data protection

Backup with Confidence.

We strive to make the expense side of cloud backup easy to predict and easy to budget for. Our model is simple, a fee for each device being backed up and a charge for each GB of data stored, with no hidden costs for things like bandwidth usage charges for ingress or egress data transfer. We work with you upfront to understand your needs and then help you architect the solution that makes the most sense for your business.


The 3-2-1 Principle

One of the most important considerations in the execution of a data management policy is to enforce the industry standard of the 3-2-1 principle

Retain at least 3 separate copies of your data
Store 2 copies on different types of media
Make sure 1 of the copies is offsite, in a  different location

Scope of data protection

Protect yor data across all applications and systems

NFINIT can holistically provide the service for you, or you can seamlessly connect to NFINIT as a remote storage solution, providing the required infrastructure and network components for a secondary offsite backup target.

Servers (Physical and virtual)
Public Cloud Environments (AWS, MS Azure, etc.)
Workstation/Laptop environments
SaaS applications (Microsoft Office 365, etc.)

Virtual environment? We've got you covered.

NFINIT is a certified Veeam Cloud Connect provider, and our cloud engineers have been tested and certified.

Already a Veeam customer?

No problem.

With NFINIT and Veeam Cloud Connect, there is no need to install any new software. Schedule, configure, and test your backups from your existing Veeam console.

Not a Veeam customer?

We'll help you get set up.

NFINIT Backup and Recovery
Powered by Veeam

NFINIT Backup and Recovery utilizes incremental backups – only copying new or changed data blocks. This ensures backups are fast and efficient.

Active Full Backups
Application-aware Processing
File Indexing and Search
Instant Recovery to
Microsoft S Hyper-V VM
Integratation with Veeam
Backup + Recovery
Server-specific Scheduling + Retention
Synthetic Full Backups
Transaction Log Backups for Databases
Full Support for
Windows 2016 + Windows 10