Desktop as a Service



Cloud-based Windows Desktops

With today's distributed workforce you want to be sure that your employees can easily access the data required to run your business. NFINIT provides scalable managed virtual Windows desktop solutions that allow your remote workers to access and experience their Windows desktop from anywhere there is an internet connection. Allow your users to work remotely and have consistent, secure, managed access to applications and data from anywhere and virtually any device.

Distributed Workforce

Imagine being able to have access to your desktop in the cloud using any device (PC, Laptop, iPad, Tablet, Phone). NFINIT eliminates the requirement to be tied to your workstation. With your Windows desktop hosted in our cloud you have the flexibility to work from anywhere. 

Safe, Secure, Resilient

NFINIT cloud desktops provide you a secure log-ins using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.  You have full control over the security of your data.  If you want to share the desktop with other users you can control access to folders, applications and files.  Our hardened architecture ensures that your data is safe and available. Optional SSL VPN access adds an additional layer of security and can be implemented quickly if desired.

Desktop as a Service with NFINIT

Reduced Capital Expenditure 

With our all-inclusive price, you know what your monthly spend is going to be.

Always Available  

Now all you need is internet access and a device to access your cloud desktop.

Centralized Data  

With NFINIT Desktop Services your data NEVER leaves the Data Center.


Ability to share desktops and applications, while maintaining FULL control over who has access to folders, applications and files.

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