Disaster Recovery as a Service


Eliminate Downtime and Secure Your Data

Fully-Managed Disaster Recovery Services Tailored to the Needs of Your Business

Different businesses define a disaster differently, but whatever the cause – natural disaster, human error, or cyber-attack – IT outages are costly and extremely risky to the life of a business. Mission-critical applications must be available for the people who rely on them. Sensitive data must be secured and always accessible. And your company’s reputation must be protected from the inevitable.

NFINIT brings the tools and expertise to customize a Disaster Recovery solution that meets your business requirements without the investment or complexity of managing various platforms. A good disaster recovery plan consists of a holistic look at a company’s unique requirements and understanding the business impact of an outage. Our team consults with yours to design a disaster recovery plan that is reliable, simple, and quick, and we are flexible enough to meet a diverse range of recovery objectives and budgets.

Workload focused 

Understand the criticality of each application and assign a tier rating that aligns with the defined RPO’s and RTO’s established between business and IT leadership. 

360 Degree Analysis 

Evaluating the internal and external users and integrations to the environment to develop the network failover strategy.

Best in breed tool utilization 

Tiering system balances the financial investment with the applications’ business criticality. 

Integrated platforms 

Enables data mobility between tiers and creates a seamless virtual environment.

Process validation  

Document the roles and responsibilities, and step-by-step procedures along with application and network validation requirements, then test quarterly to confirm accuracy.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

The NFINIT Difference

With NFINIT you can be in two places at once. Whether you connect your onsite resources to NFINIT, have equipment in one of our data centers, or utilize NFINIT cloud services, you can securely and rapidly replicate and recover your services from a geo-diverse location. We combine the data replication, cloud platform, network, and endpoint management to create a complete DRaaS 360 service, which has you covered from endpoint to application. NFINIT’s unique approach in the market brings a complete vision of the infrastructure elements required to maintain business continuity. Our deep roots in managing enterprise grade networks, as well as our full-stack compute platform management expertise is unparalleled in the service provider space.  Talk with our team today about transitioning a Disaster Recovery plan into a Disaster Avoidance strategy.

Want to learn proactive strategies to prevent unplanned outages?

Nearly 75% of all outages are either caused by cyber crime, UPS system failures, or human error. Find out how to protect against them in our BC/DR eBook

With a Disaster Recovery plan in place, organizations can realize improvements in four key areas



Managing a DR strategy takes time and financial resources. Offload the back-end infrastructure to NFINIT and save time and increase productivity with planning, deploying, and testing your disaster recovery plan on our platform.

Customer Experience

This is truly customer-centric IT. We know that downtime impacts customer perception of your brand, so our seamless technology is designed to reduce your RPO and RTO to seconds instead of minutes, hours, or days.

IT Agility

Our platform is more than just a tool to support restore points. You can improve speed to market by leveraging our tool’s ability to spin up active VMs for testing changes to your environment before pushing those machines to a live environment.

Workload Portability

Move VMs from one environment to another with ease. Whether you are in the NFINIT Community Cloud or in your own environment, our platform can serve as a foundation for moving workloads between environments.

Our continuity and recovery team will:

Understand your business continuity needs 

Design a tailored recovery and continuity solution 

Implement the solution and test thoroughly 

Operate, continuous monitoring, maintenance and testing  

Engineered with High Availability in mind

NFINIT data centers have deployed Global Load Balancers and Local Traffic Managers providing enterprise-class service redundancy and continuity amongst and between each of our fault-tolerant data centers. Combined with inherent high availability network redundancy of our private MPLS network and more than 70 Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peering and backbone connections spread across each of our facilities, providing more than 90Gbps of direct, high-performance Internet service connectivity, NFINIT can meet the most demanding of recovery and continuity requirements.

Continuous Data Protection

Solutions to fit any RTO/RPO requirements

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

The last point-in-time IT systems and applications can be recovered to. It indicates the amount of data that will be lost, measured in elapsed time.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

The time that it takes to recover data and applications, meaning, how long it will be until business operations are back to normal after an outage or interruption.

*Information provided by Zerto

The cost of downtime associated with waiting for applications and data to be recovered (RTO) can result in significant loss in revenue and productivity. NFINIT can help design, deploy, and manage a Disaster Recovery solution to fit any RTO/RPO requirements.