Special Thanks from Tim Caulfield


Welcome back from Thanksgiving. During these times of reflection and new beginnings, here are a few things we’re thankful for in 2012.
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Well-Established and Growing

AIS has been providing enterprise-class IT services since 1989. Our business has grown to the point where we now serve over 600 customers via seven data centers in the Southwest – with a particular emphasis on geographic diversity for disaster recovery.
This year we added new clients and expanded relationships with our current base, and for this we are thankful. According to the most recent report by 451 Research, AIS continues to be the market leader in San Diego with 52% share.

Superior Network Connectivity

We’ve been committed to connectivity for a long time. In fact, AIS is the only San Diego service provider that operates its own regional optical and dark fiber network, which we manage with Cisco certified staff. Furthermore, we own and operate our own MPLS network which spans from Los Angeles to San Diego to Phoenix.
AIS is thankful for this connectivity because it allows us to tailor solutions that clients need as they grow their businesses. Our connectivity is the backbone of our disaster recovery / business continuity solutions and the gateway to our cloud services.

Two New Cloud Services

2012 has definitely become the year of the Cloud. We are grateful to have been able to step up and offer a family of solutions uniquely honed to the needs of companies in the Southwest region.
>> The AIS BusinessCloud1 instances in San Diego and Phoenix are completely autonomous from each other in terms of connectivity and functionality. This operational isolation ensures the highest level of Disaster Recovery capabilities while maintaining accessibility.
>> We are the only regional service provider to launch a cloud-based bioinformatics service, which we’ve named AIS ClearCompute. This Software-as-a-Service offering provides popular on-demand sequencing tools for the genomics and pharmaceutical industries including BLAST, Galaxy, and RNA-Seq.
AIS ClearCompute was featured in the San Diego Business Journal on November 7.

Talented Technical Staff

I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for the hard-working team we’ve assembled here at AIS. Over 75% of our employees are directly involved in technical and engineering support to provide the highest level of service to our clients. That’s a huge benefit and something that tends to be overlooked.

Revamped Power Distribution System

As some of you may know, AIS had a client-affecting incident on March 1, 2012. Not all customers were affected, but it was a temporary “black eye” for us. Click here to read the case study of that event and what we’ve since done to revamp things.
Indeed, AIS has implemented major improvements in our power distribution system and as a result it is more robust than ever – and frankly second to none in the Southwest. Now completely rock solid, we are fully capable of handling the challenges of today and beyond. I appreciate customers’ patience with us during those earlier bumps in the road.

Compliance Audits and Certifications

I am thankful for all the hard work put in by Chief Compliance Officer Frank Gaff to usher us through the processes whereby we are the only regional service provider to achieve SSAE 16 SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 type 2 audits for compliance.
These audits are major differentiators between AIS and everyone else. When evaluating data center service providers, always ask to see the audit report!

But Most of All… We Are Grateful for our Clients

It all comes down to having terrific clients who have given us the opportunity to help them with their IT needs. It’s been our pleasure to be chosen to play such a vital role in your business – and we appreciate your testimonials too.
Each one of us at AIS is fully committed to continuously improving all aspects of our business and we will adapt and invest to ensure we are firing on all cylinders for our clients. Our ears and minds are open to suggestions too, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and provide feedback.
Thanks so much for your business. I hope you have a peaceful and bountiful holiday season.
-Tim Caulfield
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