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The report below (originally produced by Transparency Market Research and reported / summarized by FierceBiotech IT) confirms what we already know from our cloud computing and colocation customers: bioinformatics is big. It also underscores why we launched AIS ClearCompute: massive growth, massive scale, massive flexibility, massive awesomeness. Let us know if you’d like to know […]

In addition to being a fairly succinct and self-evident article from FierceHealthIT, there are some really great vocabulary words in here: multigigabase concomitantly armamentarium All jest aside, the need for cloud computing in bioinformatics is real — and rising. Emphasis in red added by me. Brian Wood, VP Marketing ————– Laboratories that want to run […]

Rapid whole-genome sequencing helped a hospital isolate a MRSA outbreak and track new infections to a single staff member, according to an article published Wednesday in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal.

With the Cloud being top of mind these days, this session offers an ideal opportunity for BIOCOM members to get up to speed on what the cloud is all about and then, with a solid foundation, obtain an understanding of how the cloud fits within the context of the field of bioinformatics.

Biotechs Look Into Clouds for High-Powered Computing Services Tools Help Genomics Researchers Analyze Terabytes of Data By Mike Allen, San Diego Business Journal As drug discovery and life sciences companies delve deeply into dissecting the mysteries of human genomes, they’re using faster and more powerful computers. Given the trend of many of these businesses to outsourcing non-core […]

Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and Communications Technology Businesses to Benefit from Knowledge Conveyed by Cloud and IT Security Experts SAN DIEGO, Calif., November 5, 2012 – AIS (American Internet Services), a leading provider of enterprise-class data center, cloud, and connectivity services, today announced it is hosting two cloud-related events on Thursday, November 8, 2012. On […]

AIS ClearCompute provides a cost-effective, on-demand, scalable, and secure cloud environment that meets the unique needs of the Life Sciences community SAN DIEGO, Calif., October 23, 2012 – AIS (American Internet Services), a leading provider of enterprise-class data center, cloud, and connectivity services, today unveiled AIS ClearCompute, a Life Sciences Software as a Service (SaaS) […]

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The following is reproduced from a Daily TR1 article from 451 Research analysts Jim Grogan and Stefanie Beaubien on October 12 entitled, “HIPAA Compliance: What it Means for Colocation, Hosting, Cloud and More“. Since compliance is such a relevant, important topic for many AIS clients, I felt it would be worthwhile to re-post the piece […]

On Thursday, June 28,  from 4 to 6pm, AIS hosted a reception (“Putting the Cloud in Context… Laying the Foundation for the Future”) for BIOCOM at the Lightwave Data Center featuring Dr. Timothy Chou, a noted authority on cloud computing. Dr. Chou’s presentation was followed by tours of the data center. Cocktails and appetizers were served. […]

We are a member of BIOCOM, the largest regional life science association in the world, representing more than 550 member companies in Southern California. The association focuses on initiatives that positively influence the region’s life science community in the development and delivery of innovative products that improve health and quality of life. This includes initiatives […]