WECA San Diego Training Facility Receives Generous Donation from AIS

http://buyawg.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/WECA-logo-11-15-10-300x188.jpgWECA thanks AIS (American Internet Services) for their recent and generous equipment donation to the San Diego training facility.
Their donation of a 12kv transformer, 7.5 horsepower motor, 4″ raceway, variable frequency drives, large capacitors and other equipment will go a long way in providing apprentices and trainees with hands-on examples of field-tested electrical equipment.
Because of WECA’s strong relationships with suppliers, members, industry partners and companies like AIS, it was an appropriate opportunity for their technicians and engineering staff to offer the utilized equipment for educational purposes to WECA.
“We’re happy to donate the equipment to WECA because we know the equipment will be put to good use,” says Stan Welson, Critical Infrastructure Specialist at AIS.
“The donation supports AIS’ commitment to environmental efficiency because most the equipment will be re-purposed for educational use, and that’s a win-win for WECA and AIS,” said Mark Milne, WECA San Diego Instructor.
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