Where You Store Your Data Does Matter, Have You Considered The Cloud?

Data storage requirements are exploding at an alarming rate. In a recent Aberdeen Study (“How Much Of Your Data Should Be In The Public Cloud?”), organizations surveyed reported that on average that their data storage needs were growing at a rate of 32% per year. This trend is forcing IT executives to review their current IT infrastructure and to seek cost effective ways to store their data safely and with the same level of access that they enjoy today.
The primary pressure of moving data to the public cloud is the need to get the data off-site and readily available for disaster recovery. The secondary pressure causing this shift is the increasing cost and complexity of most IT environments especially those firms with fast growing IT environments. Best in class companies have been actively shifting a portion of their storage pool to public storage cloud providers to leverage their robust data management and security processes. Data security concerns are not stopping firms from using public cloud storage because they are encrypting their data in transit and while it is stored on cloud disk drives.
Consider the advantages that best in class companies have over laggard companies in terms of IT performance. The statistics below were calculated over a 12-month period.

  • Downtime events
    • Best in class .8 events
    • Laggards 5.7 events
  • Power consumption
    • Best in class experienced a 10% decrease
    • Laggards experienced a 1.2%
  • Data storage costs
    • Best in class reduced storage cost by 16.5%
    • Laggards reduced storage cost by .5%

Best in class companies are using public cloud storage ate higher rates than their laggard and industry average competitors. Heavy cloud users reap the benefits of reduced data center power consumption, lower cost for data storage and even reduced IT spending. Make your IT organization a competitive differentiator and investigate the value that public cloud storage can bring to your firms bottom line.

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