Yes Indeed, Look at Our BBB Rating (Hint: A+)

A few questions to ponder:

  1. What type of company do YOU want to do business with?
  2. Do you believe everything that someone tells you, or do you VERIFY the facts?
  3. Are you willing to bet your reputation and career on some half-baked FUD from a salesperson?

I ask these questions because lately a certain few folks — green with envy — have been talking trash about AIS and trying to have prospects believe that we’re even in the same tier of business as they are.
They’ve even stooped to implying that our Better Business Bureau rating is something other than stellar.
So please see for yourself, either here or at the BBB website.
Then I ask that you do the same for the other guys; it’s only fair.
Another suggestion:

  1. Tour our data center.
  2. Sit down with our executives.
  3. Talk to longtime and just-joined clients.
  4. Review our audited compliance reports.
  5. Do the same with the other guys.
  6. Evaluate, do a gut check, and decide.

It’s actually not very complicated once you rise above the FUD.
So please ask yourself: Which team do you want to be on?
Data. Integrity. Facts.
Honesty. Honor.
AIS is where you want to be.